Central/Southern Japan Alps

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Central/Southern Japan Alps

Post by WanderingJim »

I'm hoping to go to Japan this Summer and hike the Central and Southern Japan Alps. They have mountain huts, so don't have to carry all my gear. The only problem is that they require reservations and that'll be tricky when they start accepting reservations in April.

Anyone happen to know of any reservation resources in Japan that cater to English speaking hikers?

Fuji reservations usually are bi-lingual and the huts in the Northern Japan Alps don't require reservations (did some of those trails and summits in 2016).
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Scott P
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Re: Central/Southern Japan Alps

Post by Scott P »

I have some friends that speak and read Japanese if that helps.
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Somewhat of a Prick
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Re: Central/Southern Japan Alps

Post by Somewhat of a Prick »

I backpacked Mt. Kita in 2018, no reservation was needed to pitch a tent outside of the hut. We just had to pay them a few bucks. To sleep inside, then yes you would. Not sure if you considered that option, I know you said you don't want to carry so much gear but it might eliminate a lot of hassle trying to book huts.


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Re: Central/Southern Japan Alps

Post by nyker »

Wanderingjim - Agree with finding English help before getting there is tough.

I had this contact in my notes from years ago (Precovid)
Try this email for at least Hakuba area huts, maybe they can help

This site also could help

Last time I was there, I was able to get some assistance at a Ryokan I stayed a before hand or assuming you're landing and staying in Tokyo, any of the larger hotels have English speaking staff that could help with reservations though as you mention might be too late once you're there.
Once in the alps its a little more hit or miss finding anything with English though. Train/Shinkansen reservations can be made in English now too.
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Re: Central/Southern Japan Alps

Post by pvnisher »

I lived in Japan for 4 years.
It's not Europe, and not everything caters to tourists or English speakers.
You definitely get some "it cannot be done". Or just a little bow with X fingers.

I tried to do some of that and ended up failing to get past the language barrier.

I have a guidebook in English, I think the only English guidebook for the region, at least it was in 2017.

I even tried to get on an ice climbing trip, hiring a guide company, and still couldn't make it happen.

Eventually met up with a Japanese guy who loved back country touring and that was about the only way to get it done!

Hopefully you have better luck than I did.
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