Colorado LiDAR Findings

Colorado peak questions, condition requests and other info.
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Re: Colorado LiDAR Findings

Post by bdloftin77 »

Scott P wrote: Fri Mar 10, 2023 2:59 pm
bdloftin77 wrote: Fri Mar 10, 2023 12:59 pmUnrelated side note - Scott, unfortunately Joe and I found Turkey Monster to be unranked. Still a cool looking pinnacle though.
For sure it a cool pinnacle. Of note, the LoJ link says it has 280' rise on the map, but it really doesn't show up on the map at all (it should probably read "map: 0' ".
Yeah, he had to put something in for the elevation when he first listed it. A trip report said the rope length was 300’, so he decided to be conservative and call it soft-ranked at the time.
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Re: Colorado LiDAR Findings

Post by CheapCigarMan »

Mtnman200 wrote: Wed Jul 27, 2022 2:43 pm
Skimo95 wrote: Wed Jul 27, 2022 10:57 am Was Clark the only bicent to be knocked off?
Here's what's changed for bicentennial chasers. Feel free to correct me if necessary.

No longer ranked:
Challenger Point (14,086'; was 14,081')
Lightning Pyramid (13,729'; was 13,722')
Wood Mountain (13,682'; was 13,660')

No longer unranked:
North Maroon Peak (14,022'; was 14,014')

Summit moved:
Unnamed 13,660's summit is now 13,656' and has moved down the ridge toward Ellingwood Point

Promoted to bicentennials:
Mt. Parnassus (13,580'; was 13,574')
Rosalie Peak (13,579'; was 13,575'); tied with Clark Peak (13,579'; was 13,580'), which remains a bicentennial
Mt. Evans B (13,591'; was 13,577')
West Apostle (13,597'; was 13,568')

Demoted to tricentennials:
Unnamed 13,573' (was 13,580'); near Pole Creek Mtn.
Unnamed 13,543' (was 13,580'); near Mt. Adams
Mt. Powell (13,556'; was 13,580')
This is a great summary.

To complete it. Here's my understanding for the Centennial list.
Some of the Centennials moved up or down in elevation but they remained on the Cent list.

However, when it came down to the bottom of the Cent list
13,811 (now called 13,820), Arrow, Trinity, and Niagara moved up which bumped Teakettle and Dallas down to the Bi-Centennial list. With both Trinity and Niagara now tied in elevation for 100th & 101st.

Summit moved:
Mt. Buckskin's summit has moved to Mt. Buckskin's Northwest Summit. About a 1/4 a mile Northwest from the old summit toward Mt. Tweto / Mt. Democrat.

Promoted to Centennials:
Arrow (13,817'; was 13,803')
Trinity (13,816'; was 13,805')
Niagara (13,816'; was 13,807')
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