Peak ski descents without avy exposure

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Re: Peak ski descents without avy exposure

Post by ellenmseb »

Just bumping this post in case anyone has any new ideas now that it's spring.

<30deg ski descents continues to be a valuable set of activities to have in my back pocket. they're useful for rainy/snowy days that can't support more committing activities, cardio training, and acclimitization. There are lots of conditions where I can have a good time skiing non-avy terrain, but avy terrain would be sketch. eg. elbert east ridge between 12-13k 2000% would've slid if it was steep enough, but it was still efficient travel even on skinny skis yesterday.

Fairchild mountain is another idea I found. Not sure if the conditions are ever any good, doesn't seem popular. ... east-slope

Another useful genre is north/west-facing stuff. Or really just anything that's shaded in the morning for whatever reason. More margin of error before it starts wet-sliding. But they're rare because the prevailing winds pick up snow from the west faces and put it on the east faces. Anyone know of any good west-facing peak ski lines?
the only one I've done is Hallett north couloir, and can confirm it's way winterier than flattop's south face just across the way. Extra shade due to the couloir walls. daylight starts not only acceptable but recommended.
Some other west/north-facing possibilities that I can't vouch for are: Torreys tuning fork / dead dog, skywalker couloir on south arapaho.
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Re: Peak ski descents without avy exposure

Post by Jorts »

ellenmseb wrote: Mon May 15, 2023 7:11 pm Anyone know of any good west-facing peak ski lines?
s**t for Brains is due west off Black Mountain. Hard to time it for ideal spring conditions.
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Re: Peak ski descents without avy exposure

Post by NathanRL »

St. Vrain Mountain by Allenspark is a popular spot for getting some continuous <30 degree turns (faces east, not sure how much snow there still is by now, but it's held up well in late April in the past).
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