FAQ - This thread could save you some time

FAQ and threads for those just starting to hike the Colorado 14ers.
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FAQ - This thread could save you some time

Post by BillMiddlebrook »

In addition to using the Forum Search Function (found in the upper right corner of your screen), these links may save you some time...

FIRST, please read the Mountaineering Safety page

What does the "Class" difficulty rating mean for a route?
More information: Link

What are the easiest/hardest 14ers?
A list of some of the easiest 14er hikes: Link
Peak popularity from user checklists: Link
14ers grouped by difficulty: Link
14ers grouped by risk factors: Link

What 14ers are most/least crowded?
Peak Usage Page: Link
Peak popularity from user checklists: Link

Can my vehicle make it to the trailhead?
Trailhead pages include information about the road type and difficulty: Link
Trailheads grouped by road difficulty: Link

What gear do I need to hike/climb a 14er?
14er.com Gear List: Link
Topo Maps: Link

Where can I get weather forecasts for the 14ers:
14ers.com weather page: Link
National Weather Service: Link
The Weather Channel: Link
Colorado Avalanche Info Center (CAIC): Link
CDOT Road Conditions: Link

What is the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative (CFI):
More information: Link

What is Leave No Trace (LNT):
More information: Link

Dogs on 14ers?
There's an entire sub-forum on this topic
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