RIP Charlotte Fox

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RIP Charlotte Fox

Post by Matt »

Charlotte Fox, first American woman to summit three 8,000M peaks, has died. ... -accident/
I was fortunate to have met her and used her balcony to listen to the Bluegrass Festival way back when (why pay?).
Despite being such a bad-ass, she was friendly, kind (even to the lifties!), and her presence just filled the room.
Unless she moved since 2009, her home on the Imogene Pass road had some damn steep steps. God bless her.
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Re: RIP Charlotte Fox

Post by desertdog »

What an impressive human being! RIP Charlotte!!!
The summit is a source of power. The long view gives one knowledge and time to prepare. The summit, by virtue of the dizzying exposure, leaves one vulnerable. A bit of confidence and a dash of humility is all we get for our work. Yet to share these moments with friends is to be human. C. Anker
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Re: RIP Charlotte Fox

Post by dhgold »

Charlotte and I climbed quite a bit over years. Some memorable climbs off the top of my head: The Titan, Sykes Sickle, Kieners, Lizards Head, Indian Creek FAs back when we had the place to ourselves.

She was always game for an adventure.

RIP Foxy.
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Re: RIP Charlotte Fox

Post by jmanner »

My wife and I met her once at a restaurant in Telluride three years ago on memorial day, we chatted about ski mountaineering ( was in town to ski Wilson PK). I remember her being a very cool, stoked, knowledgeable person, and that we also shared an interesting family connection to her home in NC.
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Re: RIP Charlotte Fox

Post by 14erFred »

May Charlotte rest in peace, and may her memory always be a blessing.
"Live as on a mountain." -- Marcus Aurelius
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Re: RIP Charlotte Fox

Post by peter303 »

Wordsy obituary of 14er finisher and Into Thin Air alumna Fox in 6/9/18 NYTimes: ... -dies.html
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