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^Menu Changes

Post by BillMiddlebrook »


I've changed the site menu (^up top) by consolidating pages a bit better. Hopefully, the new "ROUTES & PLANNING" menu will make it a bit easier to find related pages, especially for those who don't use the site much. No longer on the main menu are "GPX" and "WEATHER" because they were moved to planning.

I still have a few minor changes to make but it seems to be working ok in desktop and mobile browsing modes. Feel free to post in this thread if you see something wrong.

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Re: ^Menu Changes

Post by daway8 »

I kinda miss having the weather as a top level link since I often look at that on a daily basis to keep track of conditions.

But I guess it's only one extra tap away - and the new look has helped highlight a few things I didn't realize were on here...
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Re: ^Menu Changes

Post by Gulf_Coast_Hiker »

The new changes look good to me! Just one idea and I know it may be a pain to do, but here goes:

On the Route map page each route is marked in the map as M1, M2, M3, etc. At the top of the page are the links to the individual route pages. I believe that the individual links are listed in the order as marked on the map. Could you put the M1, M2, and M3 next to the links so it's definitive which route corresponds to the map? It would help a lot on pages like the Belford, Oxford, Missouri where there are a ton of routes because it can be confusing to look at the map and then try to figure out which link to go to see the individual route. Thanks!
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