On 14ers.com, peaks that fit the "300-foot" rule are ranked by elevation. Under the 300-foot rule, a "peak" must rise at least 300 feet above the saddle that connects it to the nearest, higher peak (if another exists nearby) to be considered an "official" peak. This rule has been in use for many years but many people feel that just because a peak like El Diente doesn't rise 300' above the rough ridge connecting it to Mt. Wilson, that doesn't mean it's not a peak. Much debate has gone on for years about the correct list of Colorado's 14ers.

On 14ers.com, it's simple: The 5 named 14ers that don't fit the 300-foot rule are listed ats unofficial (or unranked) 14ers. The remaining 53 make up the official list. The unofficial 14ers have been included on the peak/photos pages and other resources on the site.

The 5 named but "unofficial" 14ers:
Mt. CameronRises ~138 feet above its saddle with Mt. Lincoln
El Diente PeakRises ~259 feet above its saddle with Mt. Wilson
Conundrum PeakRises ~240 feet above its saddle with Castle Peak
North EolusRises ~179 feet above its saddle with Mt. Eolus
North Maroon Peak Rises ~234 feet above its saddle with Maroon Peak

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