Peak:  Windom Peak (14er)
 Route:  West Ridge
 Range:  San Juan
 Posted By:  jryor121
 Date of Info:  08/22/2020
 Date Posted:  08/24/2020

Continuation from:

Made it down from Sunlight at 11:00 AM, and traversed the tales field to the beginning of the Windom ridge at 11:20 AM. As we got to the saddle, there was some scare of thunder and rain, as to the south about 10 miles there was a mean looking cloud. About 1/4 the way up the ridge, the thunder continued, and I even saw a bolt of lightning. As I kept close to ridge proper to make sure the rain stayed far away, I continued on. Eventually the rain moved away, and made it to the summit at 11:50.

We descended back down and made it to needle creek around 3:40 PM, making it a 20 mile trip. But we didn't;t want a full 10 mile hike out the last day so we packed up camp and kept moving all the way down to the Animas River, making it a full marathon day.

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