Peak:  Maroon Peak (14er)
 Route:  Bell Cord Couloir
 Range:  Elk
 Posted By:  jbealer
 Date of Info:  05/16/2021
 Date Posted:  05/16/2021

4 of us were the first ones up the Bell cord, we saw no tracks today, so if someone else has been up there, tracks are gone. There are now nice steps as well as really deep post hole holes. We did cross some avy slides that were fairly new. Started at 2:30am later then hoped, sun hit cord close to 7am today. We reached the top at 9. The guy behind us moved much faster with us making steps. We did not bring snowshoes, snow was frozen in the morning heading to crater lake and to the exit for the cord but we suffered on the way back, crawling and cursing. Crampons and 2 axes in the cord. We did not go to any peak as the snow was melting fast. The route to maroon was holding snow and would have taken us to long. We had some rock fall and roller balls on the way up and down, but over all felt safe with conditions, we headed down the cord at 9:20am . We also saw 1 avalanche near the Y cord in the afternoon and one come off the upper ledges as we were heading down as well as more rock fall. Get early starts for this on. Will load pic later, on my camera.

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Comments or Questions
05/16/2021 15:10
Not many who climb the Bell Cord, nicely done.

05/17/2021 20:37
Good work! How did the snow coverage look on the upper east face, on the traverse from the Bell Cord towards the summit?

05/19/2021 14:43
hey sorry all my images are on my camera that are in RAW and i left early mon for a work trip, will post pics tomorrow when im back home. the snow coverage from what i could see, safely poking my head around the rocks to maroon peak looked like a lot of snow still. we could not see the direction of the traverse to north as we did not climb up the wall to look, we were really short on time trying to get back down the cord before the snow got to soft. the guy that also posted who we chatted with at the lake said he was in snow up to his waist in sections and had some class 5 as he called it rock climbing to avoid the snow sections. he said it was also not sportive is sections and the snow just crumbled away under is foot in areas. i see more snow has fallen up there this week so be safe if you do go out.

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