Peak:  Maroon Peak (14er)
 Route:  Bells Traverse
 Range:  Elk
 Posted By:  jslove1
 Date of Info:  08/25/2021
 Date Posted:  08/26/2021

Couple micro patches of lingering snow from last week, nothing of note. I post more to give reference info on route. Nothing harder (albeit as steep or steeper) than the standard route on the 2nd Flatiron. Could be made harder of course depending on route choice. Less mentally taxing than little bear to blanca trav, less exposure than the head wall on the Crestone trav (for me). The most important factors are weather, climbing/exposure/rock quality competence, and going with partners. The route finding is MUCH EASIER with multiple sets of eyes. It can be safe with those factors accounted for. Without, it could easily become nightmarish I would think. You can choose to scramble more in order to avoid some of the unpleasant loose lower angles.

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