Peak:  Maroon Peak (14er)
 Route:  Bells Traverse
 Range:  Elk
 Posted By:  WillyGoat
 Date of Info:  06/15/2022
 Date Posted:  06/16/2022

Did the traverse on 6/15/2022 from South to North. Ascended the Southeast Couloir to Maroon and descended the Northeast Ridge on N. Maroon. On the ascent snow was mostly continuous once you gain it above the trail, but there a couple of short sections of scree. Not much snow or ice on the traverse. I used my axe on a couple of sections and my crampons once for about 30'. Could probably safely make the traverse without an axe and crampons, but I preferred the security on the exposed sections. I found it relatively easy to stay on Class 4 terrain. I did not bring a rope and was happy with that decision. Whenever I hit an obstacle I stopped and looked around, in most instances there is an obvious trail to circumvent the challenge. Most obstacles were turned to the left (West). I found the descent trail surprisingly enjoyable and mostly snow free. Follow the ridge down to about 13,300' and then descend the gully, bear left to contour over to the next gully and repeat. There are frequent cairns and the trail gets more and more defined as you go.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Looking towards N. Maroon#2) Looking back towards S. Maroon#3) Taken from about 12,500 on the NE Ridge descent#4) First light from Crater Lake

Comments or Questions
06/16/2022 09:16
A lotta snow up there still.

06/16/2022 13:17
Did you catch any photos of pyramid?

No Picture of Pyramid
06/16/2022 20:59
I did not get a picture of Pyramid. It did not look like it has much snow left on it.

North Maroon Snow
06/19/2022 16:29
Were crampons/axe/spikes needed for North Maroon? How much snow was left on the route?

No Crampons or Axe for N. Maroon
06/19/2022 17:31
I don't think most people would need an axe or crampons (or spikes for that matter) on N. Maroon for the NE Ridge route. There are a few snow fields that you cross, but they are relatively short and not particularly steep. I got my axe out a couple of times just because I had it. If it was a particularly cold morning with hard snow that assessment may change.

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