Peak:  Maroon Peak (14er)
 Route:  Bells Traverse
 Range:  Elk
 Posted By:  tmathews
 Date of Info:  07/30/2011
 Date Posted:  07/31/2011

South ridge still has a little bit of snow on it on the ascent from the West Maroon trail. In the dark, it can be difficult to see a way around it. You can skirt it to the hiker's right (above the snow). The rest of the ascent to the summit of Maroon Peak is mostly free of snow (some large snow areas can be avoided by staying close to solid rock to the right of the snow. The traverse is snow-free whether you take the ridge proper or skirt the first two cruxes to the west (left) of the ridge. There are a couple of areas of wet rocks on the descent of North Maroon, but not a lot to be worried about.

Comments or Questions
Thanks for the update.
08/02/2011 00:58
Did you solo the traverse?

RE: Thanks for the update.
08/02/2011 16:47
No, I met up with a couple of friends and we traversed together and descended North Maroon.

Pro or no pro
08/02/2011 20:12
We're you guys climbing unprotected or did you have ropes harnesses and pro?

I'm considering the traverse solo but the last few reports I looked at were all climbed with ropes and pro.


RE: Pro or no pro
08/02/2011 20:36
We free climbed, no pro or ropes. We stayed on the ridge proper, too. You can skirt the technical sections to the west of the ridge (I guess kind of northwest on the Snowmass/Capitol side), but the route finding might take you longer. A solo climber ahead of us on Saturday did this.

Thanks for the beta
08/03/2011 00:09
That helps a lot. I have to decide whether to wait and do it with my son (he's a 5.12 rope gun) or have a go by myself in September.

I have't soloed any of the traverses yet.


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