Trailhead:  Harvard Lakes
 Posted By:  daway8
 Date of Info:  11/9/2019
 Date Posted:  11/10/2019
Status Update
Google map link on is WRONG!! Coordinates put you about 3/4 mile short of the actual trailhead/parking pulloff (photo#1). Coordinates for actual parking pulloff (small area on left side of road when coming from Buena Vista) are 38.86456, - 106.23875. Pulloff wraps around a tree (photo #2). Trailhead is about 10-20 feet beyond this on the right side (photo#3). Several signs mark the trailhead but can be hard to see in the dark (photos #4, #5). Road was partly covered with snow/ice but not enough to impede travel unless you have a low clearance vehicle.
Note: this trail starts on the Colorado Trail which shows up on Google Maps - that's an easy way to know if you're actually there.


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