Trailhead:  Harvard Lakes
 Posted By:  daway8
 Date of Info:  01/21/2021
 Date Posted:  01/22/2021
Status Update
CR365 switched between being dry then fairly heavily snow covered but with easy to follow tracks then being plowed next to the turn into the neighborhood (where there is a large, dry pullout area there near Creek run a couple miles or so from the trailhead) and then back to heavy snow with tracks for only a short distance. I got my Jeep Renegade with 4WD and autosocks to within 0.9mi of the trailhead before giving up and executing a multipoint turn to back up to a pullout that was 1.13mi from the trailhead where one vehicle had previously made some tracks into. After getting back at the end of the day saw tire tracks from someone who appeared to have excellent tires but they only got maybe another 1,000ft or so beyond where I gave up. Expect to add at least 2-4miles to the summer milage unless you have a vehicle that's extremely capable in winter. The last stretch of the road to the trailhead now has a good foot traffic path beaten in, after that I paid my trenching dues on the trail itself, along with a couple hikers (see coming conditions report).

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Walking down the road#2) The summer trailhead#3) looking back at the summer pulloff. No signs of recent vehicles#4) Additional tire tracks at the end of the day.

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