Trailhead:  Kite Lake
Mosquito Range
 Posted By:  kalestew
 Date of Info:  05/02/2021
 Date Posted:  05/02/2021
Status Update
TH is temporarily closed from 5/1 - 5/31/21 (see )

Comments or Questions
Scott P
05/02/2021 08:55
For clarification, Kite Lake is not closed. It is on public land and accessed from a public road. It is the parking lot below Kite Lake that is on private land.

Of course the road to Kite Lake can be closed to vehicles due to mud, but as clarification it is not the road or Kite Lake (or the trailhead) that is closed.

Just don't park on private land or tresspass on the private land around the peaks. It is easy to find maps that show where the public and private land is.

05/02/2021 09:25
But in order to access the trailhead, you have to cross private land, which would make it trespassing.

Scott P
05/02/2021 09:54
False. The road itself has a public easment, paid for by taxpayer funds. As long as you stay on the road you are on public domain. You just can't park (or hike) on private lands adjacent to the road. The road itself is owned by and open to the public (by foot when the gate is closed and by vehicle when the gate is open).

PS, to anyone posting conditions, please stop posting bad information unless you are sure you know what you're talking about.

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