Trailhead:  Kite Lake
 Posted By:  CommanderDawn
 Date of Info:  08/31/2021
 Date Posted:  08/31/2021
Status Update
I appeared to be the first day-use arrival at 5:45am on this Tuesday with good weather. The parking lot wasnt more than half full all day. I finished around 1pm and saw warnings on windshields for vehicles that hadnt paid the $5.

The last section of road after the hairpin turn was worse than reports led me to believe (in my opinion, worse than the forest road to Grays TH last week). There were several spots I didnt feel had a workable line even with my Forester. Really the entire last mile needs to be taken with caution as there are a few rogue potholes and one big boulder hiding in thr good section. Saw several day-use vehicles parked right after the hairpin.

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