Harvard Lakes Trailhead


Range: Sawatch Range
Coordinates: 38.864307, -106.238509
14ers: Mt. Harvard, Mt. Columbia, Mt. Yale

Road Difficulty

2WD, rough dirt road 2   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Rough 2WD dirt to the TH.

Driving Directions

Turn west on County Road (CR) 350 (Crossman Ave.) near the center of Buena Vista. This road is less than 1/2 mile north of the stoplight in the center of town. Continue on CR 350 for 2 miles and turn right onto CR 361. After almost 1 mile, turn left onto CR 365 (dirt). Continue on this road for 3.4 miles to the marked trailhead. This small trailhead is just 0.1 mile before the larger Silver Creek Trailhead (Mt. Yale). Approximately the last 1.5 miles is easy 4WD.

Winter Access

Closed near 9,200 feet.
Status Updates 
Posted By: mcklarry
Info: Although there has been a lot of snow in May, the road from Buena Vista to Harvard Lakes is clear. Most two wheel drive cars can make the trip. The last mile has a so some rocks but not large
Posted By: robinbk
Info: The road is open and essentially dry all the way to Harvard Lakes and Silver Lake trailheads.
Posted By: Daniel Joder
Info: The road to the winter closure was icy, muddy, or slushy depending on the hour. Recommend AWD or 4WD just to be sure. This closure is a solid mile below the summer trailhead, so figure that in to your total distance. There was room to park maybe up to five vehicles at this closure. Since there are homes right next to this parking area, I am sure it gets plowed regularly. I didn‘t see any private property issues about parking here.
Posted By: nataliegarro
Info: The dirt road leading to the trailhead is in great condition! Made it up in my Infiniti I-35 with no problem.
Posted By: Holmoose
Info: Trailhead is easily accessible in a 2WD car. I can‘t see why any vehicle short of a sports car would have any difficulty on this mildly rough dirt road.
Posted By: metalmountain
Info: Road is completely dry to the Harvard Lakes TH, and I would assume all the way to the end of the road as well.
Posted By: semitrueskerm
Info: Okay, as of 2/7/2013, you can drive up to the furthest road accessible parking area, which is about 1.5 miles short of the Harvard Lakes TH. Very little snow, some ice. Kind of annoying, however, that they‘ve barricaded the road past this point. Yesterday, that 1.5 mile walk could have easily been driven if the barricade was not there.
Posted By: CDR242
Info: Clear the whole way - except for all the cars at the TH parking area.
Posted By: PedroCO
Info: FR 365 is clear - a few tiny patches of snow left. We had a 4WD truck, but pretty sure any 2WD could make it all teh way to the trailhead.
Posted By: Dad Mike
Info: I was able to get to within 6/10ths of a mile in my Wrangler on Sunday.
Posted By: Yikes
Info: Drivable to TH with 4wd but tricky driving. There was a lot of snow on the road and it trys to pull you off the road. Bring a shovel in case you end in the ditch. Had to dig out one vehicle which high centerd in the snow.
Posted By: dehrlich101
Info: The road is covered with snow but is packed down enough to drive past this point if you have a 4x4 or all wheel drive. I‘m not sure if you can get all the way to the main Harvard and Columbia trail head but you can get close enough it wouldn‘t be a huge hike.
Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: Decent clearance and 2WD will now get you to the TH
Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: 4WD vehicles can get to the trailhead. A few snow patches to drive over but nothing major.
Posted By: cat49toa
Info: 4wd road has been repaired at washed out spot, but, still have to pick and choose route with a low clearance auto. Some other potholes has also been smoothed(?), not very well. 2wd passable.
Posted By: JenGa
Info: Pretty easy to reach in our 2wd Chevy Silverado - there was one washed out spot where a pipe crosses the road.
Posted By: gwvgns
Info: Road is dry to the trailhead, made it very in our tacoma in 2wd
Posted By: Doug Shaw
Info: Last entry still accurate as of Apr 6, 2008.
Posted By: Shad
Info: Blocked by snow at 8650 feet 2.25 miles before where the Colorado Trail leaves the road. Almost 5.5 miles from North Cottonwood Trailhead.
Posted By: USAKeller
Info: CR 365 is mostly melted up to within a 1/2 mile of this TH (where we parked). Soft snow prevented me from going farther. A high-clearance SUV with chains might be able to make it up farther.
Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: OPEN and dry

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