Peak(s):  "Peak C"  -  13,220 feet
"Peak C Prime"  -  13,100 feet
Date Posted:  09/17/2015
Date Climbed:   09/12/2015
Author:  jbchalk
 A Pair of Cs   

Yep, more obscure Gore nonsense. Well, not really too obscure. Peak C is one of the most famous of Gore summits. This is more of a history between Peak C and myself and in a way a tribute to this wonderful playground. If you check it out, I hope you enjoy.

A Pair of Cs

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Comments or Questions
09/17/2015 12:06
Your TR’s always make my palms sweat, Brandon. Mr. Goat is awesome, too. Nice report as always...

09/17/2015 15:38
nice work man! heres the crazy thing, Blazintoes (Amy) and I did Ripsaw via NW ridge C like couple weeks before you. Although we didn’t really follow Ryan/Derek’s route we did however do your route on C’ (at least the north crack part)! Took me a second to realize it but check it out...notice the subtle bumps and cracks and mr. pointy way up high:


Mr Hollywood Marsters, you and I should hit up some gore this winter....

BTW, "No Obligation to Anything Accurate" is too awesome

09/17/2015 20:02
I enjoyed the history, images of a dog chasing snowballs in the midst of a wet slide, and the goat. The C’ route looks fun too. The NW ridge always reminded me somewhat of a mini upper exum. Pk C N Face next, eh? Quite jealous of all your Gore runs.

Yo Abe – you probably missed the ridge because you confused it for a grassy basin below the ridge.

C is for Classic
09/18/2015 08:36
There was a register up there in Aug 1995 that was brought up on 8/24/62, wish I had noted who brought it up. I counted 150 climbers from 1985 to 1995. A local champion women’s mtbr climbed it days before me, just can’t remember her name? Didn’t come close to climbing such a challenging route, but did the westface/westridge and then descended between C and C’. That basin was one of the most beautiful places I had ever traversed through! Looked like a fine manicured golf green from above. Can’t compare classic climbing of the Gores with anyplace else. Thanks for sharing your story!

One thing I do remember that day, I slipped in behind a small snowfield at the base of Kneeknocker, just to cool off before starting up that beautiful rock. When I 1st saw it in 1991, I knew I was eventually going to climb that peak! I have a picture much like yours with the clouds obscuring the upper mountain. You just can’t help but stare at it’s rugged beauty!

It Makes Me Happy
09/18/2015 09:44
To see how happy you are out in the gores man. Awesome report. I enjoy seeing the personal history with a peak like this. It’s fun when you gain that familiarity with a mountain, like you talked about.

As for the goats, they really are amazing, aren’t they? Probably everyone has an epic goat story, but the best one I’ve ever had was a few weekends ago on the wham. As we came up the final pitched sections, this massive billy who had been watching from above descended closer and closer. We quickly realized we were standing in basically the only viable route between him and the lower slopes below. As we were re–racking the rope, next thing we know, he had creeped up and was 12 feet above Sarnelli’s head on a tall rib. No sooner had we shouted "heads up" than we watched him JUMP 10–15 feet down onto steep class 4 terrain. It was basically a leap right over Dillon. From there, he proceeded to RUN 500 feet down the low 5th terrain we had just roped up for. All the while he was just casually leaping from crag to crag on the near vertical pitches. It was the single most amazing thing I have ever seen an animal do outside of Youtube.

Haha, anyways....great TR buddy. Love reading about all your Gore adventures. Fall outing together soon? Benners and I have an eye for Jackson if that tickles your fancy. Could be a fun trial run....

Thanks, fellas...
09/18/2015 11:55
Jay: Always appreciate you commenting, bud. Thanks for reading and taking the time.

Abe: I know you always appreciate Gore obscurity and alpine routes. Congrats on you and Amy’s Ripsaw crush! Very impressive, dude. Yeah, Hollywood, you, & me should do an outing sooner than later.

Ryan: Glad you enjoyed my little Peak C personal history. Yeah, the Peak C NW ridge is a mini-Upper Exum...well put there.

Boudreaux: C is definitely for Classic. Thanks for your comments to all my Gore reports. Very much appreciated. Loved hearing your own personal story on C.

Zamborini: Thanks you always for your nice comments, man. You have a CRAZY goat story there, buddy! Wow! Haha...I can picture that guy leaping over Sarnelli onto low 5th/4th class slabs. Those goats are always so impressive. Most impressive animals out there IMO. You guys will love Jackson. J and I did that guy last summer in about 10 hrs including Grouse Mtn as well. A bigger day no doubt but you and Ben will cruise it. Let me know if you guys are in town. I need to get a Gore adventure for all of us together at some point.

09/18/2015 12:24
where’s sawyer? She would have loved this one. What a great report. One of your finest buddy! I owe you a few texters. Sorta got consumed by the Sept 15th tax day! It’s fall and aside from college football, the Park and Gore are calling. We need an October rendezvous. Pizza Pizza! Well done on this one homie. See you soon I hope!

The biker...
09/19/2015 09:23
Sara Ballyntine? Anyone remember her?

I had about half a dozen goats dancing on my car once at Monte Cristo Creek licking the salt off my dirty car!

gore galore
09/20/2015 20:56
on the personal history part. Definitely adds to a trip report. So looking forward to another of your adventures as you say of "obscure Gore nonsense."

Moose scare?
09/21/2015 06:20
Nice work on that line! My buddy Garrett and I were up Peak C that same day (9/12?), did you see and hear the moose in the lake that morning? My heart rate was jumping faster walking by the lake than it was slogging up to the waterfall!

Pretty sure we saw you guys top out on C when we were over on E around 11, we heard some cheers from over there haha! If you saw our names and was thinking we were out of our minds trying for west partner...we were. Got to Peak H around 2pm and the legs were finally starting to shake a bit when down climbing the class 3 stuff so we decided to call it a day. If the saw or rockinghorse are still on your list, shoot me a PM, it’d be fun to get out there with some other Gore rangers!

Thanks, guys...
09/21/2015 09:56
Sarnelli: Sawyer could not join this day. She was busy swimming laps at the pool and taking Rainie & Kona hiking up Vail Mtn We do need a rendevouz soon. Busy this weekend with Gratz’s wedding antics in Aspen, but after that looking a bit clearer.

boudreaux: I don’t think I know that name. then, again I am about as far from the mountain biking world as anyone could be.

Galore: Always appreciate your comments. You above anyone, I would think, values the personal history with a certain peak.

Aholle88: Yep, I think we saw your entry in the register this same day. Nice work on Ripsaw! Yep, pushing to West Partner would be a hell of an adventure for a day. I’d done the entire C to West Partner Ridge in sections on three separate occasions. The Saw is really darn fun and Rockinghorse has some spice as well and all in the name of good fun.

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