Peak(s):  White Rock Mtn - 13,540 feet
Date Posted:  07/19/2016
Date Climbed:   07/09/2016
Author:  piper14er
 West Brush Creek - Teocalli Trailhead   

My wife and I made the trip down to Crested Butte and then up the road to the end of West Brush Creek Road (see trailheads Pearl Pass south, go left at the junction, clearly marked as West Brush Creek). My plan was to grab three peaks, White Rock Mountain, White BM and Teocalli. So much for plans...

We were supposed to get out of work at noon but it was after 2:00 pm. By the time we left the house we got caught up in rush hour traffic through Colorado Springs and beyond the mountain traffic. Instead of getting there 5:00 or 6:00 it was 8:30 pm. There was no longer any dispersed camping spots. I had read that there were plenty of spots but I don't think we saw a half dozen, all taken, except at the very end of the road at the trailhead. That is not a good spot. Slopes everywhere but right at the little turn-around. No shade either. Not great.

By the time we set up the tent and got to sleep it was after 10:00 pm.

I woke up at 5:30 am and hit the trail at 6:00 am.

It starts out on a good trail, then left past the Teocalli sign on a faint trail where people have stomped the grass down. The trail ends at the creek where you can find a way across okay. I was warned about bushwhacking but there was only a few hundred feet of whacking before you can break out on a small ridge, then bear left along the edge of the trees. Billie Jean and I went full speed ahead into the trees and after some minor rock and deep vegetation we found some trails (human or animal) that wound their way through the forest.

Nice flowers at the start

more flowers and White ahead


So far so good.

We made our way through the trees and out onto the alpine tundra and rock.

The trails came and went but always there was another. Passed some rock bands, crossed creeks and kept going. Grassy slope and rocky basin.

Small rock bands

Onward and upward

A trail and creek crossing

Downward and backward

Promising grassy slopes

We went to the right of the ridge and maybe should have stayed to the left and more direct. Passed a small lake and looked up the rocky basin.

A nice lake

The other side of the ridge and rock

Obnoxious way up to the ridge.

A loose dirt/scree slope to the ridge

Gained the ridge and figured it was a ways to go, should have gone up the left hand basin which would take you farther.

The ridge is a broken, up and down, knifey at times, slow go that is Class 3 with a Class 4 move or two in there.

It looks like a long way to the peak

BM - drats

Up and down mostly on the ridge proper, otherwise to the left.

Half way or so across it turned into rock sideslope.

BM over white stuff

The back look

Up some more rock

Backwards looks forward try.

The Elks/Maroons

Okay this was a process to figure out the best way (term used loosely, kinda like the rock)

One man's "easy" Class 3, not so much

I don't know what Class 3 is anymore I suppose. A try left, then right, then left and right. Loose rock, white powder, exposed is what it is. Right, then up and then over broken sloping rock. Don't want to fall as you could bounce a few times and then ouch.

Finally make it over there. Of course this isn't the standard Class 2 route, but could the "New Un-standard Route".

I look around a little, take a few pictures and regroup.

White BM

Billie Jean

How to get back because the way I came over isn't going to work. No good rock to grab that doesn't want to break off. So after a little scouting around I decide to head down and then drop fairly vertical about 30 feet. There are some foot holds, bracing and skinnying around but eventually we get back to loose rock, white powder and past the white spires. It is a short section but it takes a bit.

A look back from whence we came

A closer look

Okay maybe we still have the energy to make BM.

Then the wife calls on the radio, it is unbearably hot at our bad camp spot and are you heading back. Ok sure. I pass BM not more than a white stones throw away and away I go over rock and through deep grass back to camp.

It is hot, too hot to rest up inside the tent and there are so many flies that it is obnoxious outside. A camp trip gone bad. We pack up, drive out (with Class 1 trail to the top Teocalli sitting there).

Drive over to Old Monarch Pass Road where there are some good shady quiet spots and camp out Saturday night. Breakfast Sunday and out of there home.

I think 10 miles and whatever vertical 3800 feet or something.

It took Billie Jean two days of hard sleeping to recover...

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Comments or Questions
East Ridge
07/20/2016 08:14
Interesting way to access the peak, have never really considered that way just because it looks like it could have some towers on a topo, but now I know. Thanks for posting!

Interesting route ...
07/21/2016 08:23
You remind me of my husband (that's kind of a compliment) ... don't have to go the standard route (haha). You should have a wall of Billie Jean summit photos. Always an enjoyable read and good photos with your trip reports. Thanks for posting. Happy trails!

well it seemed like a good idea at the time
07/21/2016 08:36
but sometimes it works and sometimes it is more "interesting" than it needs to be

thanks guys for the comments, thanks for taking time to look at the report

yes there are towers and now I know up close what is there myself, would I want to do that way again, most likely not, some people like that kind of "excitement" though

Presto, yes I do seem to have a lot of Billie Jean summit pics, as well as others, she likes to be the center of attention

You rocked it!
07/21/2016 22:50
Although you only got one of the three intended peaks, Al, you have raise the bar for trip reports! I enjoyed the write up, the pictures, and the excellent rock videos!

07/22/2016 08:31
that is one of the best compliments I have received to a report I have posted, very much appreciated

Billie Jean and rabbits
07/28/2016 07:22
I always enjoy your reports, Al. And White Rabbit sure takes me back to my younger days. At least I **think** I had some younger days?

thanks again
07/28/2016 07:42
Jay, glad you enjoyed the report and the music

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