Peak(s):  Culebra Peak  -  14,047 feet
Date Posted:  12/26/2021
Date Climbed:   06/25/2021
Author:  ElDChopper
Additional Members:   Gene913
 Another Flatlander Completes the 58 Grand Slam PART 2   


North Maroon summit August 17, 2020 with Gene Porter - again, why do some of the hardest mountains as your last mountains, at the age of 70? The climb was great. We were retracing and staying on our ascent route down when, similar to El Diente, I lost my footing and this time slipped down a 20 some foot vertical wall. Fortunately, I have a pretty stout hiking partner that met me at the bottom and prevented a further roll down the mountain with a great body block – I don’t remember because I blacked out. When I came to, Gene was over me studying all the facial blood and saying my name repeatedly. I was ready to go but Gene wasn’t ready for me to go. He doctored my face and ear cuts and I had to talk him into letting me walk down. Fortunately, we were at the bottom of the climbing/scrambling part and it was just a hike down. Another hiking group from Loveland, our angels of Shannon, Danny, Scotty, and KC came upon us and they took turns carrying my backpack, obviously at a slower pace than their young legs could travel, even after doing Maroon and the traverse to North Maroon. The trip to the emergency room gave me news that I would get 12 stiches in my ear, 4 above my eye and 3 in the back of my head. I also had 2 cracked ribs. This time just couple of point bruises rather than a full body bruise. We flew home as planned 2 days later and I was back on the golf course 2 weeks later. Take aways - there are some mountains where solos are very doable. For all other mountains it is important to hike with a support group that all look after each other – as Gene and the Loveland crew did for me. When I got home, I got to looking at my boots and noticed on my left boot that 2 of the cleats along the inside edge were missing – is this what gave way or were they ripped off in the fall? I don’t know but my boots were 4 plus years old and I should have been hiking with newer soles. Did I mention that helmets are great? After this third incident ending up in an emergency room, there was some talk among the hiking group to change my hiking name to “ER” but I will stick with Chopper. I guess I could spell it ChoppER!

Gene's 14er Finisher - North Maroon 08172020
Gene becomes field medic with KC. A lot of air below landing rock.
Trail Angels Shannon, Danny, KC & Scotty with Gene in background.
Walking wounded.
Another mug shot.
Celebration visit with Paul and Nicole.

Dale Bain started the Men of Colonial (MOC) hiking fellowship in 2003 and it has grown in the number of participating men to well over 200 having enjoyed the thrill of a Colorado summit along with reinforcing the relationship with God and each other. Many men have indicated this 5 day trip from Kansas City, including the 2 days of driving, recharges their batteries for their personal lives. The MOC received a great gift in 2004 when the new church pastor, Paul Parsons, came from Montrose, Colorado as an experienced hiker having completed all 58 14er summits. His sermons and stories show his passion for God, the mountains and people. While he has returned to live in Colorado, he has remained an important member of our group as schedules allow. The MOC has provided me with plenty of hiking friends in the 15 years I have attended, and I have not summited a mountain with anyone outside of this group. According to my records I have had the pleasure of hiking a summit with Gene Porter (Gene913) (32); Daryl Taylor (Tireiron)(25); Dale Bain (Sarge)(19); Gary Groff (17); Zach Taylor (13); Alan Horn (13); Evan Glidewell (10); Paul Parsons (8); Jim Lord (8); Grant White (6); Scott Platter (5); Charlie Lokey (5); and lots of other MOC hikers with 4 or less summits together.

My first MOC 07172006
MOC Handies Summit 08042008
MOC Princeton Summit 08122019
Core hiking group - Zack, Gene, Daryl and Dale.
This group includes Evan Glidewell, Jim Lord, Bob Jones, Paul Parsons and his hiking companions Dan Clader and Les Steidel.
American Basin Handies 08042008
High flowers American Basin 08042008
More American Basin flowers 08042008
Mosquito Basin - Gray & Torreys from the west 08042009.
Crestone Needle Sunrise 08052010
Mountain Beauty from Wetterhorn 07182006
Princeton Sunrise 07292014
South Elbert Sunrise 08272018
Todd Weiland and Gary Groff with Gene and me for Maroon 07242014

This leg of the journey is complete, but the journey will never end. It has been and will be very good! I am truly blessed. Following the El Diente fall, Gene provided me with a Journey Coffee Mug imprinted with the verse from Jeremiah 29:11 that remains my favorite verse. The plan for us is good and there is a future and a hope.

Helmet graffiti 1
Helmet graffiti 3
Helmet graffiti 5
Helmet Graffiti 2
Helmet Graffiti 4
Welcome home Flatlanders!
Jeremiah 29:11 Journey Mug

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Comments or Questions
9 lives
12/26/2021 17:09
Like a cat, maybe you have 9 lives! Quite the story and journey, thanks for sharing.
What do you do on a golf course? Work or play?

12/26/2021 20:17
I enjoyed reading your memories of this journey. Well done.
As a fellow Lee's summit 14er climber, I can say I'm still looking for the summit of our hometown.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk
12/28/2021 12:12
That's right, the journey is never over. And that's the best part. There is always another adventure waiting for us. I'll always be ready to saddle up and pursue any adventure with you. Can't wait to see where the next one takes us.

Another funny memory from the North Maroon climb - when we got back to the trailhead and got in the car to head to the ER in Aspen, the first song that played on the car radio was Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust."

Solid Report
12/27/2021 05:08
Well done on the finish! A few scars for the stories and lots of great memories!

Way to go!
12/27/2021 08:31
What a great report. Thanks so much for your hiking, climbing and friendship.

Very cool
12/30/2021 12:17
Great story, hope I can still do this stuff when I‘m as experienced in life!

01/07/2022 10:08
Congrats! Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU!!! Just saw you're in Bucyrus, my parents are off 239th and Pflumm. Small world.

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